More efficient service

Less cost

Higher value

Why We Need Energy Storage

Peak Shaving

Load Leveling

Power Quality

Capacity Firming

Frequency Regulation

Spinning Reserve

Storage for Renewable Energy

Electricity Residual Value Recovery

Application Scenarios

Power generation side

Control the output fluctuations of renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic and wind energy to reduce their impact on the power grid and make sure its safe and stable operation. Improve energy consumption efficiency by reducing energy waste.

Grid Side

Peak shaving, frequency modulation and load regulation to improve grid stability and power quality. Through power compensation and expansion, effectively solve the problems of poor grid regulation capability. Provide power to users in the event of grid failure.

User Side

Peak-valley arbitrage and demand response to save electricity costs. Responding to grid demand and reducing losses due to power rationing as an emergency power source.


Commercial Center

Solar Integration

Data Center


Mobile energy Storage

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