Agricultural Machines

Consider “Agricultural Developed and People Oriented” as our primary obligation, our company shows tremendous strength in agricultural machinery R&D and manufacture.

Harvesting Machines

4LZ-6.0Z/4LZ-7.0Z Full Feed Combine Harvester





Main Features

Chassis Section

  • Unique chassis design with high load capacity, chassis ground clearance reaches 650 mm which makes good passing performance in muddy paddy.
  • Unique thrust wheel design features long life time.
  • Upgrade tension structure features high reliability.

Threshing & Cleaning Section

  • Adopts big threshing cylinder to increase hitting area and extend hitting time to achieve better threshing performance
  • Adopts six enhanced concaves interchangeable, easy maintenance.
  • Specially designed belt drive structure features long lifetime, stable power output and low maintenance cost.

Header & Conveying Section

  • Upgraded reel structure with spring tooth features good anti-wind performance

Oil tank & Grain Tank Section

  • Big oil tank features long working hour
  • 1600 L big grain tank features continuous working.

4LZ-4.0S Full Feed Combine Harvester


Main Features

Excellent Passing Performance

  • Adopt turbocharged engine with stronger power & low fuel consumption and better in economy.
  • Hydraulic stepless speed adjustable, hydraulic steering, special gearbox for head-feeding, easy operation

Outstanding Operation Performance

  • Domestic initiation for major diameter double threshing cylinders, features high efficiency, low energy consumption and high adaptability.
  • Ultra wide intermediate conveying groove with low speed, low noise and clog-preventing
  • 1080mm Ultra wide cleaning room, fan speed adjustable, features low loss rate & high cleanliness.

Grain Drying Machine

5H-16 / 5H-20 / 5H-30

Main Features

  • Advanced drying technology, high quality & high efficiency.
  • Adopts low temperature , batch type circular drying technology with excellent quality
  • Adopts advanced temperature control system and drying floor structure, low crack ratio.
  • Excellent lifting system , low broken rate, high efficiency and low cost
  • Adopts good quality raw material with advanced processing technic, features excellent quality and lifetime.
  • Excellent drying process with our own developed furnance, features low energy consumption and low emission.

Cotton Picker




Main Features

Large Space

Our cotton picker has a large design space that can easily accommodate two persons. It features a wide view with clear glass all sides and equipped with air-conditioner to provide a comfortable operation environment for users.

Full Hydraulic Drive

The cotton picker adopts the combination of electrical control and hydraulic transmission to achieve automatic operation control of the whole machine.

High Picking Rate

There are 12 spindle holders on each drum, 18 spindles on each holder, 216 spindles on each drum, 432 spindles on each picking unit and total 1296 spindles in 3 picking units work together at the same time. In addition, the spindles are designed with a spiral shape, which improves the cleanness and also greatly improves the durability of spindles and reduces the damage for cotton and the abrasion of spindles.

Handle Structure Design

The removable handle-type structure can be easily disassembled by simply pull & lift without removing any bolt which is available for a quick checking when problem occurs. It also provides great convenience for regular daily maintenance.


Wheeled tractors

The engine power of the wheeled tractor covers power ranges of:

36.8KW 44.2KW 51.5KW 66.2KW 92KW 103KW 117.7KW 118KW
132.5KW 147KW 155KW 162KW 177KW 191.5KW 279.4KW
36.8KW 44.2KW 51.5KW 66.2KW 92KW
103KW 117.7KW 118KW 132.5KW 147KW
155KW 162KW 177KW 191.5KW 279.4KW

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