E-mobility Solution

Industry-leading core technologies

With independently developed motor, electric control, battery, electric auxiliary, charging, and intelligent network technology as the core and focusing on vehicle power, intelligent connection, intelligent driving, safety, reliability, energy saving, and comfort, we have established an industry- leading new energy vehicle brand, which has been upgraded to the sixth generation, realizing the evolution from electrification to intelligence and building an intelligent integration platform for the interaction and deep integration of core new energy bus hardware, on- board intelligent systems, and cloud big data.


We have a professional R&D team capable of Vehicle design.

We provide CUSTOMIZED ELECTRIC TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE with a full range of components and technical support, which is suitable for diesel commercial vehicle transformation or diesel commercial vehicle electrification.

Our CUSTOMIZED ELECTRICAL CHASSIS applied to the design and production of fast electric vehicles in OEMs, provide complete electrical chassis and technical support.

Whole vehicle design

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we can offer full vehicle design services, including component selection, drawing, system matching, and vehicle debugging, based on various national certification standards as well as customer specifications.

Chassis design

In accordance with the customer’s own body design, we may deliver a chassis that satisfies the body specifications. Our expertise in developing electric and hydrogen fuel chassis is well-established.

Electric & Hydrogen system design

Our comprehensive range of electric system solutions and hydrogen fuel system solutions can be tailored to the specific vehicle type of the customer, allowing them to transition from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Vehicle body design

All of our models, including the grilles, front and back bumpers, and other features, can be tailored to the specifications of the customer. A variety of accessories can also be added. The bulletproof body has been developed as well.

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