Elevator, Home lifts

Self-made Control System

Adopting the latest research and development of a self-made control system, it has more intelligent control functions and a more comfortable riding experience.

Design Integration

Integrated design, deep integration, control cabinet volume is only 30% of traditional cabinet body (520 * 300 * 160 mm); Exquisite in design, naturally blending with architectural and home decor styles.

Green energy-saving

220V voltage, low consumption and energy saving, safety and comfort.


Innovative design concept: new household ladder control cabinet internal filter resistance and other devices, along with intelligence automated rescue, power automatic rescue, electric brake, and other multiple security guarantee, drastically prevent interference to other household equipment.

Meticulous Humanity Design

Lower noise

The contactless application, fanless design,
and quieter operation drive make it ideal for typical living environments.

Comfortable experience

Innovative algorithms and a high-performance drive platform
entirely eliminate the elevator starter issue and improve the riding experience.

Professional design, magical & flexible space

Professional design, dynamic space:
No machine room design, compact and flexible structure, saving construction costs.

Personalized customization

The diverse car decorations meet the needs of various architectural styles,
showcasing the taste of life.

Steel Band Type Structure

Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless steel band traction machine

Our home elevator uses a composite steel strip that is more durable, energy-efficient, and ecologically friendly. It also has a frequency converter door machine, a safe and dependable light curtain door protection mechanism, and an efficient host. More than 40% of energy may be saved, no lubrication system is needed, pollution is eliminated, maintenance workload is decreased, and the device is tiny and light.

Steel band type host

Composite steel belt

Traction Type Home Elevator

Characteristics of a traction type home elevator

Machine room not required

It saves the building cost.

VVVF drive technology

Controlled by a dedicated microcomputer board for household elevators, stable and comfortable.

Special traction machine frame

It fixed to the guide rail, so the structure doesn’t need to bear any equivalent pressure.

220V single-phase power

It applies ordinary home-use 220V single-phase power supply without additional application for industrial power supply.

Automatic door operator

Variable frequency energy-saving, safe and reliable.


UPS (backup power supply) can emergency release people in case of power outage.

Two door-opening modes,
choose different style of life

You can select any of the two door-opening ways to satisfy your building’s requirements. It can be specifically made to fit the needs and usage circumstances of the user.



Aluminum Alloy Well Frame


Champagne silver

Champagne gold

Rose gold

Walnut wood


Aluminum alloy section material
(half-round arc tube vertical shaft)

Aluminum alloy section material
(Rectangle tube vertical shaft)

Steel profile (Bent sheets)

High grade painted metal frame

Home Lift

Landing door series






Pssenger Elevator

Perfect integration of modern technology and fashion art

Easily to meet the needs of residential, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and other places, to create a safe, comfortable, intelligent, energy-saving ladder ride experience.









Panoramic Elevator

Science and technology create unique beauty,
with large area of car wall glass design,
when you are in it, enjoy the flowing scenery,
enjoy the infinite charm of the city.

Landing door series






Cargo Elevator

Hospital Elevator

Hospital elevators not only focus on buildings and equipment,
but also include meticulous service to customers.
Design to enhance safety performance and effectively
reduce the probability of unexpected failures.

Freight Elevator

Through the integration with high-tech, the performance and quality of
freight elevators have been greatly improved, the failure rate has been reduced,
with excellent characteristics such as rigorous structure, durability,
large door opening distance, smooth and safe operation.
It’s the most effective option for moving goods in property centers,
factories, warehouses, department stores, libraries, and other establishments.




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