Our escalator makes use of cutting-edge technology and global manufacturing design concepts. It has features like quiet operation, durability, ease of repair, and smooth functioning. It enables you to enjoy the exceptional allure and luxurious style of contemporary architecture with its beautiful structure, flawless elevator route, delicate belt, and elegant and appealing outline.It provides the passengers with a bright, comfortable, brand-new feeling.

30°/35°FPL Common Type And FML Slim Type Escalators

FL and FML type escalators are designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with EN115 standard with operation in stable, silence, safe and reliable. Its modular design concept integrates every details and has a wide range of functions and diversified choices to meet the needs of different customers and match the style and overall image of the building.

Exterior deisgn

  • Handrail: vertical balustrades made of 10mm thick toughened safety glass for common type and slim type
  • Handrail bracket: aluminum alloy/hairline-finished stainless steel
  • Handrail belt: black and ring-like vulcanized rubber belt embedded with steel wire ropes; other colors are available
  • Exterior/interior cover plate: hairline-finished stainless steel
  • Apron plate: hairline-finished stainless steel
  • Step: aluminum alloy die – casting molding silver or black
  • Safety signs of steps: painted yellow warning boundary or plastic yellow warning boundary
  • Lifting board: stainless steel press formed antiskid board, and optional etched stainless steel, with black antiskid signs
  • Operation panel: red button for emergency stop, and key switch for up and down running
  • Step lighting: LED

Main specifications

  • Installation place: Indoor/outdoor
  • Running time: 20 hours per day
  • Lifting height: (1.0-11.76)m(35°,only for 6m below)
  • Inclination: 30°/35°
  • Stepwidth: 600mm/800mm/1000mm
  • Flat step: 2/3 steps
  • Rated speed: 0.5m/s, 0.65m/s
  • Carrying capacity: 0.5m/s, 3600 persons per hour /4800 persons per hour 16,000 persons per hour,
  • 0.65m/s, 4400 personsper hour/5900 persons per hour
  • 17,300 persons per hour
  • Power supply: 3ph AC380V/50Hz
  • Lighting power: Single phase AC220V/50Hz

CE Certificate

For MR elevator

For MRL elevator

For Escalator

For Moving walk

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