Storage System

Collect energy, store energy, and exchange for the future


Energy Storage System For Home

We provide home energy storage system solutions that allow homeowners to store excess energy generated by solar panels. During blackouts, the energy that has been stored can be utilised.We provide ESS solutions for households, including high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.To convert DC electricity from batteries into AC power, high-quality inverters are also offered. The home electrical system can make use of the transformed electricity.

Energy Storage System For Commercial & Industry

We offer commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage systems (ESS) to businesses and organizations for the purpose of storing energy produced by renewable sources. The stored energy can be used at a later time in the event of a strong demand for electricity or an interruption in the power grid.

The superior batteries in our C&I energy storage system solution offer the storage capacity needed to enable applications. Lithium-ion batteries are what we employ to guarantee a high energy density and extended longevity.

The direct current stored in the battery is transformed into alternating current that can be employed in structures or facilities by means of our C&I inverter. The energy storage system is controlled by the control system, which also guarantees its safe

Product Features

Wall mounted & rack battery
wait for your choose,
meet different requirements

Support lithium battery
active function, easier
battery maintenance

IP65 inverter

Support on-grid &
off-grid modes,
generator function

AC couple function
available with grid
connected inverter

Smart meter,
WiFi datalogger optional,
monitor your load consumption 24 hours

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