Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit

Urban rapid-intelligent transportation solution provider

More energy-efficient

Lightweight body
Lightweight axle load
energy recovery

More sustainable

Pure electric transportation
Multiple power supply methods
Long endurance

More secure

System redundancy design
Active security technology
Autonomous driving

High quality

Beautiful urban scenery
Seamless connection between stations
On time and punctuality
Fast and comfortable
Low noise

High adaptation

Strong scene adaptability
Strong climbing ability
Small turning radius
Flexible grouping

High collaboration

Signal priority
Central linkage
Vehicle Road Collaboration
Dynamic Right of Way


Supplement, encryption, and connection of high-capacity rail transit systems

Small and medium-sized cities

The backbone of urban passenger transportation system
Undertake the “subway“ function in small and medium-sized cities

Scenic spot

A sightseeing oriented cultural and tourism transportation system located in scenic spots or specific parks

Specific functional areas

The core of urban specific functional areas or specific corridor passenger transportation systems

Full capacity


Body length



100% low base plate

Turning direction


Maximum speed


Body width




Interior Design

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