Special Emergency Vehicle Series

Water Tank Fire Truck

Performance Features

Special chassis with excellent performance

Customize and develop a series of special Il-class chassis with many Il-class chassis manufacturers at home and abroad, able to achieve excellent performance.

Safe operation for lifting and towing

Adopt the adjustable lifting arm, easy to lift and straighten, conve. nient for lifting and towing of accident vehicles, with safe operation.

Convenient for towing and lifting, with powerful function

The front and rear portions of accident vehicles may be lifted, convenient for towing of complete vehicles. The support bracket structure is various, convenient for installation and removal.

Hydraulic drive with high safety & reliability

Adopt the full hydraulic drive, with an integration of supporting, lifting, dragging and towing; use the imported special balance valve, to achieve triple protection. Install the hydraulic lock, with high safety & reliability.

Customization for personalized demands

Provide the personalized modification plan, and carry out customization according to the customer demands, to meet the market needs of the special operating environment.

Other Vehicle types

Emergency tender

Foam fire truck CSC5110GXFPM50E6

Foam fire truck CSC5100GXFPM35Q6

Foam fire truck CSC5072GXFPM20Q6

Foam fire truck CSC5071GXFPM20Q6

Water tank fire truck

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