Another Fortune 500 company has entered the CCIG Fenhu Starship Super Factory!

May 22, 2024

On May 20, the groundbreaking ceremony of Suzhou Dianzhong Fuel Injection Technology Co., Ltd., which was introduced by China City Industrial Group, Denso Japan, a global Fortune 500 company, and Shanghai Electric, a Chinese Fortune 500 company , was held in Fenhu,Suzhou.

Li Ming, secretary of the Fenhu district party committee; Fu Rong, chief economist of Shanghai Electric Group; Gu Yifeng, chairman of China City Industrial Group; Tomomi Tsuda(津田知是), director of Denso Japan Business Department; Tsuyoshi Hosoe(细江刚), director of Denso Japan Planning Department; Zhu Jian and Zheng Min, senior executives of Shanghai Electric; Pang Jiquan, chairman of Shanghai Dongmao Trading; and Wang Hongwei, general manager of Shanghai Denso, attended the event.

Suzhou Dianzhong Fuel Injection Technology Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 150 million yuan. It will undertake all the business of Shanghai Denso, a joint venture established by Shanghai Electric and Denso China, and produce Shanghai Denso NB series and HP0 series diesel engine fuel pump products and their supporting fuel injection system components, sell products independently, and provide after-sales services. After the project is completed, it will form a production scale of 60,000 sets of fuel pumps, and the annual sales revenue is expected to reach 200 million yuan.

Fu Rong, chief economist of Shanghai Electric Group, said that transferring the production site of Shanghai Denso to Fenhu is a major decision for Shanghai Electric to adapt to market changes and ensure customer interests and high-quality supply. Suzhou Dianzhong will take over the production business of Shanghai Denso, inherit Shanghai Denso’s control methods for safety, production, and quality, and continue to meet market customer requirements with efficient production and high-quality products. He believe that in the good business environment provided by Fenhu, with the strong support and assistance from all parties, the new base will surely develop rapidly.

Tomoyoshi Tsuda(津田知是) said that the transferring of Denso Japan to Fenhu, Suzhou, is a new starting point in the career journey. Denso Japan will send talents to Fenhu and introduce technology to help Suzhou Dianzhong thrive and achieve a new career with everyone.

The event also issued business licenses to the first batch of companies that moved into the CCIG Fenhu Starship Super Factory.