Electric Metrobus(ART) Era Begins in Istanbul

March 27, 2024

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is starting the test drive of electric, environmentally friendly, high-tech, high passenger capacity electric metro buses as of April 1st. Electric metro buses, as well as Autonomous Rapid Transit, which provide a 60% fuel saving compared to diesel metro buses, save 2.5 million Turkish Lira in fuel over 100,000 kilometers. With this investment, the IMM plans to prevent the emission of 300 tons of carbon dioxide, thereby protecting both the environment and the municipal budget. Moreover, the electric metro buses, with a capacity of 420 passengers, will operate quietly, thus also reducing noise pollution in the city.


In Istanbul, the metrobus line plays a major role in public transportation. Connecting two continents over a 52-kilometer route from Beylikdüzü to Kadıköy, the metrobus carries approximately 1 million passengers daily. To alleviate the congestion on the metrobus line, the IMM is initiating test drives of fully electric metro buses. These electric metro buses, brought to life in cooperation with IETT and Metro Istanbul, are noteworthy for their cutting-edge technology and fuel savings.


Speaking about the fully electric metro buses, IETT General Manager İrfan Demet said, “These vehicles offer the ability to drive in both directions without needing to maneuver. There is a driver’s cabin at both the front and the back. With a full charge, it has a range of 80 km. A 20-minute charge allows for 50 km of travel. It has 4 carriages, with a capacity of 420 passengers. This capacity is particularly important because previously, vehicles carried 150 passengers, while recent 280-capacity vehicles were introduced. Now, with this vehicle, passenger capacity will increase to 420.”

İrfan Demet also emphasized that the electric metrobus operates in complete silence, thereby significantly reducing noise pollution. He continued, “The new generation electric metro buses save 2.5 million Turkish Lira in fuel over 100,000 kilometers. In other words, they provide a 60% fuel saving compared to diesel vehicles, preventing the emission of 300 tons of carbon dioxide annually. This amount is equivalent to planting 8,000 trees in Istanbul each year. Considering that the metrobus line covers 250,000 km in just one day, this represents significant fuel savings for Istanbul. It will also make a significant contribution to a more environmentally friendly Istanbul.”


Dr. Özgür Soy, General Manager of Metro Istanbul, stated that their goal with electric metro buses is to bring rail system standards to the metrobus line.

Highlighting that electric metro buses are battery-operated and emission-free, Dr. Özgür Soy said, “The new generation metro buses are equipped with autonomous driving to prevent accidents dependent on the driver. They have 12 different motors and can continue driving for 40 kilometers even with a flat tire. Our main goal is to achieve complete domestic production through technology transfer from abroad. The manufacturing company is very open to this, and we hope to start working on it. We eagerly await the positive results of the tests. The garage tests are completed, and we will start test driving on the metrobus line on April 1.”


In addition to the fleet of 252 new metro buses, comfortable and powerful, with a capacity of 280 passengers, added in the last 2 years, now 100% electric, 40 meters long, modern vehicles with a capacity of 420 passengers are joining the fleet.

The new electric metro bus vehicles, equipped with the latest advanced technologies, offer:

– 295 KW power,

– The ability to drive in both directions without the need for maneuvering,

– A range of 80 km on a single charge,

– The ability to travel 50 km on a 20-minute charge,

– 4 carriages,

– Spacious and comfortable transportation for passengers,

– Autonomous driving without a driver,

– Technological equipment such as Lane Keeping Assistant and the ability to provide a 360-degree panoramic view.