Carbon steel oil transport truck

Performance Features

Strong adaptability and high safety & stability

Own good elongation, high strength, and strong conductivity, able to reduce static accumulation and improve the safety of the tank truck during the process of transportation.

Strong corrosion resistance and long service life

Have strong corrosion resistance, wide transport range, and good durability, convenient for cleaning, able to effectively lengthen the service life of the tank. The aluminum alloy tank has high recoverability, able to reduce the scrap cost.

Light weight and economical applicable effect

The vehicle has light weight, able to reduce fuel consumption and tire wear, achieving energy conservation, emission reduction, and economical & applicable effect.

Pneumatic suspension to achieve stable operation

Provided with the pneumatic suspension, able to effectively alleviate the impact of various road conditions on the vehicle, so as to achieve the purpose of stable operation and strong comfortableness.

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Carbon steel oil transport truck

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