CCIG 2024 Elevator Industry Summit and 33rd Anniversary Celebration of Seloon Elevator were grandly held

January 18, 2024

On January 17, the 2024 Elevator Industry Summit of CCIG and the 33rd anniversary celebration of Seloon Elevator were grandly held in Wujiang. The theme of the conference was “Forge ahead to build a national brand and work together to build a win-win platform”. About 1,000 people from local governments, shareholders, industry associations, research institutions, international friends in the elevator field and representatives of related companies attended the event.

The unveiling ceremony of “China Elevator Digital Empowerment Platform Starship Industry Cloud” and the signing ceremony of the market channel sharing strategy between CCIG and CNIM(France) were held on site.

Unveiling ceremony

Signing ceremony

Gu Yifeng, chairman of CCIG, said in his concluding speech that five years ago, China City Industrial Group entered into the elevator industry with reference to the manufacturing experience in rail transit of CRRC, implemented the breakthrough and development of China’s national elevator industry, and built an industry for the national elevator industry. A shared economic platform for enterprise transformation and upgrading: Fenhu Starship Super Factory. In the past five years, with the trust and support of the Wujiang District Party Committee and District Government, the group has transformed from a bystander in the elevator industry to a qualified participant through acquisition, integration, new establishment, etc.; and has become a leader in the field of large-height escalators and heavy-duty escalators. In the next five years, CCIG will stick to its original intention, be willing to be the “organizer and service provider of the development of the national elevator industry”, and continue to build the “super factory” into a revolutionary holy place for industry partners in the elevator field.

Gu Yifeng, chairman of CCIG